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♡ i'm ettie i'm 16 ♡

i'm really queer i love anime, plants, and animals


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our garden got flooded

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friendly reminder that if we’re mutuals and you wanna exchange snapchat names or instagram or something you’re more than welcome (encouraged) to shoot me an ask


"that boy is really cute" "wait cara arent you a lesbian how can you tell" you know what. youre right. i forgot to put on my HomoSpecs™, which allow me to view all men as grayish blurry blobs. Is that jeremy?? i can’t even tell now that i’m wearing my HomoSpecs™. all men look like the same unattractive indistinguishable gray haze to me because i am homosexual 

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what the fuck even is death note. i know there’s a guy named light and one named l (who named these children) and one of them looks like a spindly frog with emo hair, and of course there’s a notebook that gives people heart attacks, but then sometimes i see art of it and there’s this terrifying clown monster just sort of floating around in the background?? why is this juggalo here what does he want from the frog.


The Pocket Encyclopedia of Wild Flowers illustrated by Henning Anthon, 1962.

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don’t hold back // this human skin cannot bind tooth and claw for long

american horror story theme american horror story // undisclosed desires muse // love bites halestorm // counting bodies like sheep to the rhythm of the war drums a perfect circle // fresh blood EELS // the devil within digital daggers // howl florence & the machine // climbing up the walls radiohead // the killing moon nouvelle vague // bloodletting (the vampire song) concrete blonde // i’m not human at all sleep party people // the horror of our love ludo // mz. hyde halestorm // seven devils florence & the machine // all of you riz mc // vampire smile kyla la grange // eat you alive the oh hello’s // monster imagine dragons

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